Support us

We are a social enterprise establishing ways to generate enough income to sustain, grow, and always subsidise our annual festival and year-round work.

There are a number of ways you can show support for our cause and help keep us alive:


Our ticketed events are generally priced at a level where we know we can deliver high quality experiences, cover our costs and pay our artists fairly. However, we do add on a small percentage to cover any unexpected additions and with the plan being that any surplus goes back into the main Women On Tap CIC pot and help fund more of the same and future plans.


We always, always pay our artists, and where we can, we bring their talents to you, for free.

As part of our ‘accessible’ values, we aim to offer a minimum number of free events every year to make them as accessible as possible. When our events are free, we’ll likely still have some costs so we’ll operate a Pay What You Want system, where you get to leave cash in a little brown envelope or text a donation to help us keep our project pot healthy. There’s no obligation.

We’ll also shortly have a permanent online donation link so you can donate as much or as little as you like, whenever you are feeling the Women On Tap love!


If you’re interested in sponsoring Women On Tap CIC – either the annual beer festival or some future events and initiatives, please get in touch and we can chat further.

Previously we’ve also done…


We launched a crowdfunding campaign on Thursday 8th March – International Women’s Day. We ended at more than 300% of original target! Thank you to everyone who pledged.

Thank you for your interest and support. We won’t let you down.

Women On Tap CIC is a registered Community Interest Company (Number 11418320). We are 100% committed to our cause and we reinvest our profits to further our mission. We can’t do what we do without your support.