Beer List

Here’s what we had on the taps at WoTFest 2017.

Delivery Brewery Beer Style Notes ABV (%)
Pale Ale
Cask Brewsters Hophead Pale Ale
A pale hoppy brew with a fresh floral hop character from a blend of English and American hops.
Pair with: Wensleydale
Cask Prospect Silver Tally Pale Ale
A clean, pale golden yellow beer with citrus aromas, A dry bitter sweet balance and full hop flavour.
Pair with: Salted crisps
Cask Nomadic Pale Pale Ale Pale with a hoppy kick.
Pair with: Pork pie
Cask Dancing Duck Ay up Pale Ale
An eminently drinkable pale session ale. Subtle malt and floral notes are matched splendidly with citrus hop, rounded off with a slightly dry finish.
Cask Half Moon Misty EPA English Pale Ale A classic English pale ale, moderately bittered with sweet undertones. Full bodied with a thirst quenching fruity finish.
Pair with: Blue cheese on celery
Cask Dancing Duck Abduction IPA
A myriad of tropical fruit flavours in harmonious balance with an enjoyable level of hoppy bitterness, a good malt character and a very clean finish.
Pair with: Garlic & ginger prawns with a hint of chilli
Cask Off Beat Brewery Out of Step American IPA
Spark your tastebuds into life with the perfect balance between malt and hops in this American style IPA. Generously hopped with abundant citrus flavours, leading to a dry, bitter finish.
Pair with: Soft-yolk Scotch egg or a warm sausage roll
Keg Atom Phobos and Deimos Rye IPA
Unbelievably hoppy rye IPA with full on spicy rye malt body.
Pair with: Bresaola
Keg Steam Machine West Coast West Coast IPA
A straw-coloured American West Coast style IPA, packed with an abundance of hops that’ll sing through your nostrils and dance around your mouth! Tropical. Fruity. Resinous.
Cask Baildon Blonde Blonde
A refreshing zesty ale with a taste of the summer.
Cask Woodfordes Flagondry Golden Ale
Light malt aroma, hints of butterscotch and apple.
Cask Mallinsons HPA Golden Ale
A golden ale with an orangey citrus hop aroma, bitter citrus orange peel in the taste, and a long hoppy citrus fruit finish.
Pair with: Smoked trout
Cask Welbeck Abbey Henrietta Golden Ale
A delicate Golden Ale packed full of wonderful hop character. Challenger hops provide the bitter note and balance perfectly with the citrus and fresh grassy nose of the Cascade and Hallertaur Brewers Gold varieties.
Cask Brewsters Hop a Doodle Doo Golden Ale
A copper coloured ale, brewed with four malts and three hops. It has a full bodied feel and a delicious fruity hop character.
Cask Mallinsons Back in the Saddle Blonde
Brewed especially to celebrate the Tour De Yorkshire, this is a light blonde ale with hints of grapefruit on the nose and a refreshing full flavoured citrus bitterness, The finish is bitter and zesty.
Keg Atom Rare Earth Red Ale
With a significant quantity of Rye Malt, providing a rich, biscuity spicyness balanced with a good dosing of hops and infused with the subtle essence of saffron.
Pair with: Lamb kebabs
Cask Prospect Nutty Slack Mild
A multi-award winning ebony dark mild with a smooth, smokey malty taste and bursting with the aromas of chocolate and roasted coffee.
Pair with: Dark chocolate
Cask Brown Cow Captain Oats Dark Mild
A premium dark mild brewed with a complex mix of malts and oats giving a wonderful depth of flavour, well balanced with undertones of coffee and chocolate and a full finish
Porter / Stout
Keg Atom Dark Matter Stout
Toasty medium bodied Stout with a silky smooth mouthfeel with hint of dark chocolate.
Pair with: Milk chocolate
Cask Nomadic Itza Chocolate Orange Stout
Collaboration brew with Fox & Newt (Leeds) and Christine Jopling. Chocolate orange stout. Think rich dark chocolate with orange pieces rather than a well known brand of chocolate orange. Unfined an therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Pair with: Fennel salami
Keg Steam Machine Turkish Delight Stout
Exclusive WoTFest preview of this homage to the distant homeland of Mrs Steam Machine. A silky chocolate stout with a zesty bite and perfume aromas of Mediterranean rose petals. Catch it here or you’ll have to wait for the Autumn to see it again!
Cask Baildon Raven Plum Porter
A silky smooth plum porter.
Pair with: Yorkshire Blue cheese